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Tips for Your Event

Tips for booking an event


Schedule a time. Have a backup.

Know the date you have hold your event but always have a backup date in case anything changes.

Know where to set up.

Find the general area where you wish to set up and be sure to clean up the area to insure that there is enough room.

Have power.

Please be sure that there is an adequate power supply available at the time of delivery.

Wrap it up before it gets too dark.

Try to plan your event so it will end around 7:30 pm or earlier due to lack of daylight and the safety of marshland jumps crews handling the large and heavy units after dark.

Have all the details ready.

Please have your delivery address, two(2) telephone numbers, the begin time of your party, the end time of your party, and the date of your event ready when you book your unit.

Tips for the day of your event


Clean up.

Please have the area clear and free of obstructions before we arrive with your rental.

Find a safe area.

You want to locate an area that is away from power lines and trees as this can be dangerous for riders on the inflatable.

Harness the power.

Locate the nearest power source near the area you have chosen to set up the unit, it can be no more than 100 feet from the power outlet as per fire marshal code.

Leave the unit inflated.

Always leave the inflatable in the inflated position, never turn the inflatable off or deflate for any reason at any time (except inclement weather).

Make sure to get all of your belongings.

If your event ends before marshland jumps arrives to pick up the unit, do a check of the unit to make sure no belongings were left behind by children while playing. Ex: shoes, socks, hats, gift bags, etc.